Confidence is in the Eye of the Beholder

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What is confidence? I used to be one of those girls that looked outward to feel a sense of confidence or self esteem. When someone called me pretty, I felt pretty for a brief moment. But when someone called me ugly or said I was nerdy, it got me down for a long time and created a genuine fear that I might not be as likeable as I thought.

It took many defeats and let-downs, but I finally gained confidence in myself, and the person I owe the credit to for showing me the way is…me!!!

I finally distinguished between a confidence you feel from others and what you feel when you are confident in yourself.

When it comes to ourselves and our idea of beauty, we tend to think the most confident people are the ones who are constantly complimented and in the spotlight.

It doesn’t help that the media dictates the standard for what we should look like and even how we should feel.  The constant push to improve and the feeling that we can never measure up is what makes us lose confidence in ourselves.

When I finally started to feel confident in myself, I was able to love myself for who I was, not for what my size or shape was.

Now I look in the mirror and see “confidence” and  a beautiful person with a unique perspective on the world. I see someone who is liked and loved–not just by others, but loved by me!

At the end of the day, you get to decide what the world sees. Be confident and guess what? That’s what they’ll see.

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