Father’s Day versus Mother’s Day – What Gives?

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, step-dads, grandpas, uncles, foster dads and double-duty moms!

In keeping with all the efforts of theStitch to change the definition of what it means to be beautiful— we’d like to point out the following difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift-giving: while we give Mom gifts so that she can cease work, we give Dad gifts that say “get back to work!”

Mothers are showered with flowers and manicures, massages and restaurant outings: gifts that allow her to relax and feel not just beautiful, but special, too.

Meanwhile, dads are given gifts that send them out to the garage or have them barbequing on the patio.  And let’s not forget the #1 Father’s Day gift – the tie!  Nothing says “relax” and “you’re appreciated” like a business tie.

A quick Father’s Day Amazon.com search immediately suggests power tools and various electronic accessories. Home Depot is promoting barbecue grills and long-handled tongs.  Sausage company Johnsonville is even hocking bratwurst for Father’s Day breakfast. Stereotype. Stereotype. Stereotype.

Please don’t misunderstand. There is nothing wrong with giving Dad a new circular saw when he keeps complaining that the dog ate through the cord. But shouldn’t dads also have the option of getting other kinds of gifts?

When did we decide that men don’t also enjoy being pampered, or that they live just to stay busy or distracted? Florists can create more masculine arrangements; aromatherapy works for most people, and nothing takes a load off your feet like a luxurious pedicure.

There are even some companies out there acknowledging that becoming a father can change what masculinity might actually feel like to a man, and seem to suggest a different approach. (Thanks again, Dove!)

Fathers should be pampered and encouraged to embrace their own beauty — and you can help them.  It’s not too late to help Dad feel beautiful this year. In addition to whatever power tools, barbecue tongs or ties he may receive, take a moment to give him a hug and tell him that he’s beautiful.  Then upload a pic of you and your dad at theStitch.com.


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