The Sunday Stitch: Who Do You Think You Are?

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Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself when the world, and maybe your boss (or jerk of a boyfriend/girlfriend) constantly put you down. How do you keep showing up in the face of all this negative energy – especially when you start to believe that they just might possibly be right and you really don’t deserve to chase after your dreams?

When I was a kid growing up in California, Disneyland was the ultimate dream destination.  Back then you paid for admission into the park and then purchased separate tickets for only the attractions you were interested in. Labeled A thru E, the best ticket of all was the E ticket, which granted you entrance into the most popular, most dazzling and newest attractions!  If you wanted to bobsled down the Matterhorn, explore the depths in the Submarine Voyage, or set sail with the Pirates of the Caribbean, then you had to have an E-Ticket!  The term came to be applied outside of its Disney context so that whenever something good happened to you, you’d say, “I got the E ticket!”  As a kid, I always though that “E” stood for “EXCITING!”


My dear[unity] friends, I’m here to tell you that at your birth, you were given the E-Ticket.

Take the front seat on the ride of your own life!

Take the front seat on the ride of your own life!

Last month I attended a writer’s workshop with Elizabeth Gilbert (author of “Eat, Pray, Love”) who talked to us about the “arrogance of being.”

She said that we often conjure up a sinister Voldemort voice in our heads that asks, “Who do you think you are?”  We respond by shriveling up and deciding not to chase our dreams.  We don’t wear the red sequin dress that we secretly love.  We put off applying for Grad school or daring to audition for a community theatre production of “Cats.”  In short we answer the “Who do you think you are” question with something like, “Sorry, yes, you’re right.  How audacious and arrogant of me to think that I could ever amount to anything.”

But she went on to say, “What if the voice in your head didn’t have a Voldemort voice?  What if it was just curious and was asking very lovingly and politely, ‘Who are you?  Who do you think you are?’”

Elizabeth told us that she answers the curious, loving and polite voice by saying, “Thanks for asking.  I’m a child of god, and as a constituent of creation, I am allowed to be here.  I’m also a woman who was lucky enough, outlandishly stupendously, luckily enough, to be born in a time where women have autonomy for the very first time….If you think that I’m going to oppress myself when I’m not actually being oppressed – you are out of your f’ng mind.”

Then, looking around the hushed room, she said “The arrogance of being makes you take off your shoes and stand barefoot in your own being and say I am here.  For reasons I don’t know, I was born in this body at this time, and therefore I am allowed to put my handprint on the wall of my life and say I was here.”  If that isn’t the E-Ticket, I don’t know what is! 

Today, this Sunday, I invite you to step into your own life with audacious arrogance and say, “For reasons I don’t know,  I was born and that means I have the E-ticket and I am going to cash it in for the ride of my life!”

Wear the red dress, apply, audition; lose the bad boss, boyfriend or girlfriend.  For reasons you don’t know, you were born.  Make the most of it.


  1. Linda Thank you for a beautiful article. It was well written, and certainly carried your message loud and clear. Keep up the great work.

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