The Sunday Stitch: Teen Empowers Social Media with Declaration of Self-Acceptance

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There’s a Facebook post that’s trending right now – and for good reason.  A teen named Brittaney, who tried to mold herself into everything her boyfriend wanted her to be,took to FB to talk about how she rose from the depths of despair and discovered self-acceptance.  All of us seek acceptance and  Brittaney thought she could find it by changing who she was just so that her boyfriend would find her loveable.  He wasn’t satisfied with anything about her! After changing her hair and make-up, hiding her tats and tyring to lose weight, he still left her for a younger “prettier” girl anyway.  That’s when Brittaney broke free and realized that he was the problem – not her.


“So now here I am a few months later,” said the teen to the world. “My hair is past my shoulders. My hair is bright red. I’ve got a new tattoo. New piercings. Started wearing makeup again. I eat whatever I want whenever I want and weigh 135 pounds. I still have my stretch marks. And I’ve finally gotten my confidence back. I finally see myself looking back at me when I look in the mirror. It’s so hard for me to come out about this and admit that I became so vulnerable because of one guy. Something I always said would never happen. It’s humiliating to even think about how low I got. But what gives me the guts to come out about this is the fact that I overcame it and I’m finally back to who I really am.”

This Sunday, remember that no one can be a better you than you.  The world is waiting for your unique gifts!  You can’t share your gifts with the world if you’re busy being someone else.

Nobody can be a better you than you


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