The Sunday Stitch: Happy Spring!

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At the core of human rituals honoring the spring season is the notion of life renewing itself.  As you look around and see previously brown hills turning green and new shoots pushing their way up through the rich earth, think about making this a time for your own loving renewal and growth.

One powerful tool to experience renewal is to create a renewal statement.  It’s not like a New Year’s resolution where you look at all of your imperfections and resolve to change them – yuck!  No, a renewal statement is a reminder that you are enough and that the struggle to live up to other people’s expectations or society’s crazy standards is just not important in the grand scheme of things.  As we go through the seasons of our life we tend to forget that at our core, we are beautiful, we are important and we deserve love and happiness in abundance.  Spring reminds us to begin again in love.

A its core, a renewal statement reminds you of the truth of who you already are.  Begin again this spring and renew and refresh your belief in yourself.

My Renewal Statement:  I am worthy because I am me.  I joyfully embrace my own beauty and live my life to the fullest.  I am enough!

Happy Spring!


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