The Sunday Stitch: It’s the Simple Joys

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Hey[unity] – watch this!

Looking for some simple joy?  Two words: Chewbacca Lady.  Wasn’t that incredible?!

In a world of no’s and negatives, in a time of putdowns and pejoratives – hell, in the time of the 24-hour Trump news cycle, plus the fear, death and destruction that is also pumped into our systems 24/7, Candace Payne, a.ka. Chewbacca Lady, brought us back to joy in 4 minutes 4 second.

Over 100 million people have now experienced this refreshing mom from Texas’s viral video.  Grieving people have contacted her to tell her how happy she’s made them!  Overwhelmed by the response, Candace said she laid on her kitchen floor for over an hour and just thanked God that she was able to brighten so many people’s lives.

But how did she do it?

She did it by being herself.  There in her car, with nothing but a Wookie mask and a mirror, she gleefully donned her birthday present to herself and laughed.  And laughed.  And laughed!  She said she didn’t care that people were looking at her funny.  She didn’t care that she’d purchased her “me” gift in the kid’s section of Kohl’s.  She didn’t care that it was nowhere near Halloween — that at least could have been explainable — but it didn’t matter.  She just somehow knew that putting on that mask – and she didn’t even know it made sounds at first – would make her happy.

She is one wonderful Wookie!  Thank you, Candace Payne!

This Sunday, go out and be your authentic self.  If you’re stopping yourself from doing something Chewbacca-ish just because you’re worried about what other people will think, let Candace’s example make you bold.  Life is fleeting.  Grab some joy while you can.

I’ll close as Candace did at the end of her Chewie moment.  “Ya’ll have an incredible day.  It’s the simple joys!”

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