My Grandma Villa was the heart and soul of our large family. Her enduring legacy was that she loved us with all her heart and she never judged or criticized us – ever.

Trips to grandma’s house always meant hugs and kisses plus homemade tortillas eaten hot off the stove and a chance to watch her stitch together the squares that would eventually become one of her many colorful quilts.

When we were kids we all got quilts from grandma and we found that they made great indoor sleds to pull each other on, as well as excellent tent and bedroom fort-building material! And when you got sick there was nothing better to snuggle up in than one of grandma’s quilts. It was like being wrapped in one of her hugs.

Grandma saved her most intricate work for our high school graduation quilts. As one of the youngest of her grandchildren, I watched as one after another of my cousins received the coveted quilt. I could hardly wait until it was my turn, but fate stepped in and she died of cancer before my own graduation. My Auntie Arlene, who had never quilted a day in her life, took it upon herself to work with my grandmother’s sister, Tia Febe to surprise me with a quilt when it was my turn to graduate. To this day, getting that quilt made in honor of my Grandma Villa, remains one of my most cherished memories.


As I thought about what I was trying to do with my company I decided to name my company theStitch, in remembrance of the way she stitched our family together with love and total acceptance. I also pay loving tribute to her by launching on April 25, 2015, which is the anniversary of her birthday.